Thomson Nature Park, Quick Jaunt Into Nature

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banner 468x60 – Officially opened in October 2019, Thomson Nature Park is one of Singapore’s newest green spaces. With five compact trails varying from 350 metres to one-and-a-half kilometres, this park is perfect for visitors looking to take a quick jaunt into nature.

More than just a natural sanctuary, this 50-hectare space is also a window into the past. The Ruins and Figs trail will have you marvelling at Jalan Belang, a ruined Hainanese village that hearkens back to the 1930s.

For travellers who love tropical wildlife, this verdant sanctuary is bound to be up your alley. Look out for rare creatures like the spotted tree frog as you pass by the park’s Stream and Ferns trail, and keep an eye for the Raffles Banded Langur in the trees.

Peckish nature lovers feeling hungry after their visit can drop by Casuarina Curry to enjoy classic Indian fare like prata (South Indian flat bread) and aloo gobi (vegetarian dish made of potatoes and cauliflower). Alternatively, head towards Sembawang Hills Centre to pick from a variety of eateries serving local staples like popiah (spring rolls) and laksa (spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup).

Thomson Nature Park. How to get there: 832 Upper Thomson Road. Daily 7am-7pm.

As parking space is limited, you are recommended to take public transport. Take bus 138, 167, 169, 860 or 980.

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