Wet Market Adventure in Little India

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AseanOutlook.com – If you find the bold tastes of Singaporean cuisine alluring, you may want to delve deeper into the intricacies behind our iconic dishes such as briyani (Indian spiced rice dish with meat or vegetables) and roti prata (South Indian flatbread).

Helmed by Karni Tomer and her team of veteran guides from Wok N’ Stroll, Wet Market Adventure in Little India takes you into the heart of the cultural district, as you uncover bold new flavours and unforgettable stories of the Indian community.

Sample traditional dishes like thosai (Indian pancake made from fermented rice and lentil batter), experience the vibrant colours and smells of Tekka Wet Market and befriend the passionate hawkers and vendors who make Singaporean cuisine a labour of love.

Asian food culture is all about sharing the love and communal dining is a big part of local culture. Do remember to wash your hands before and after your meals, and use serving utensils when sharing dishes on this tour.

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