Where to get Financial Advices for Free during the Pandemic

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AseanOutlook.com – During these trying times with the pandemic going on worldwide and most of the cities and the world has to be put in quarantine.

It’s not a surprise for anyone to see business going bankrupt, and people having a hard time keeping a roof under their head overall.

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If you’re in one of these situations, it’s hard to get out of it, because you might not know that financial advice free exists in the world.

it’s a nuance thing, after all. but we can help you look for financial advice free, that you might not even be aware that you can use right now. It’s important to take any help you can get, especially right now.

Make the most of your financial provider

If you already have an account with a financial institution, chances are it will have tons and tons of free tools for their customers to use. Here’s where to check them:

  1. Bank or credit union:

The amount of financial advice free that you will be offered varies widely depending on your bank or credit union of your choosing. If this one matters to you, banks such as Ally Bank and Simple have budgeting and financial planning tools as one of their standouts features.

  • Workplace and 401(k) provider.

If you have a workplace retirement plan in motion, then you’re in the clear because two-thirds of companies offer tools for financial advice free to help their workers determine how much they’ll have in retirement.

If you can make use of it, make sure to take advantage of it. It’s a free tool that comes with your employment, after all.

  • Online brokers

Many brokerages online offer financial advice free in the form of resources to help you learn how to invest. For example, TD Ameritrade offers an entire investing curriculum on their website, starting from videos to quizzes that you can take. All of this are free and are readily accessible for you to use at any time.

Other free financial resources

There may be many resources available for you to turn on to for financial advice free that you can take depending on the circumstances and situations that you find yourself currently in right now.

  1. XY Planning Network

If you’ve lost income as the result of the pandemic that’s going on right now, XY Planning Network, an organization of fee-only financial advisors is currently offering free emergency advice for you to use. It’s done online virtually, too.

  • Credit counseling agencies

These agencies sometimes offer financial advice free for issues such as bankruptcy, student loan debt, or even a review of your overall budget and finances. Some of their services are free, as we mentioned already, so if you need one, you can definitely take advantage of it.

  • Tax advices

If you’re in need for tax advices, there are number of organizations that help people older than 60 as well as those with low incomes or tax problems, or if you’re just in need of a specific advice.

  • The Foundation for Financial Planning

This foundation offers a pro bono, in other words, free financial planning services for people that are financially vulnerable. This includes wounded veterans, domestic violence survivors, and cancer patients.

  • Libraries

If you’re in need for financial advice, consider checking some personal finance books from your local library. You may also want to enroll in an online class or find a community-based programs in your area that offers either low-cost financial advice or free financial advice from reputable sources.

  • Investment advisors

While this may seem counterproductive to the thing that you want to achieve, some in-person investment advisors offer free consultation for prospective clients.

It goes without being said that you won’t get all of your questions answered or addressed in one meeting.

But you can still make most of that consultation by arriving prepared with questions to assess whether that advisor can address your current AND future financial goals.

That’s all the time for today for this article. Keeping a stable income is very hard at this moment because of the pandemic, and it gets even harder when you have no one to guide you through.

So, we hope that this article about financial advice free can help you find the help you needed to get through life.

Thank you for reading this article, we’ll see you some other time later.

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